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Hi! My name is Anna Barber and I am currently a student at NC State University with an intent in Mechanical Engineering. I am hopefully pursuing Mechanical Engineering because it will help me reach my aspirations of working for Disney World. I think it would be really cool to work in the animatronics sector of Disney World since that is where the term was first coined with Walt Disney. If I don't work for Disney, I still would like to work in the theme park or entertainment industry.

I already talked about what I want to do after college, so now I'm going to talk about why. I really love to make other people smile, and I have ever since I was little. Very rarely do you see someone unhappy at Disney, and it's normally just because they have to leave. I hope to have an internship there someday, along with possibly going through their college program. That would help me better my chances of getting a job there someday.

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The most interesting classes I have taken or will take at NC State

  1. FW221: Conservation of Natural Resources
  2. HESD263: Tap Dance
  3. HESF279: Yoga I
  4. GC120: Foundation of Graphics

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Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity link
NCSU Disney Film Club link