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My name is Andrew Barone and i hail from the town of Mooresville.
I am attending NCSU in order to study in the field of Chemical Engineering.
I am currently a Freshman (1st year student). I want to make $$$ and love doing it!
Insert fifth sentence here.

My favorite break would have to be Summer break. This is due to the lack of
responsibilities in the academic sense. I also get to spend time with friends
whom attend other universities. Also, who doesn't love the partying!? This
paragraph now wishes to end.

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2nd Favorite gets a text link

    How to order a pizza:

  1. Purchase a telephone
  2. Look up pizza delivery complany's telephone number
  3. Decide what you wish to order (take it slow for first time as it may be painful)
  4. Dial the telephone number
  5. Place order for size and toppings and possibly a drink or sides
  6. Travel 10-15 minutes into the future
  7. Perceive stimulus as "knoocking on the door"
  8. Respond to stimulus by answering the door
  9. Exchange currency and tip if expedient
  10. Take pizza box
  11. Close door
  12. FIN!

Class Expected Grade
E101 A
E115 S
Eng 101 A
PSY 200 A

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