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Allison Brame

My Academics

I am attending North Carolina State University. I plan on graduating in May 2021. The reason for the delay is the program that I have chosen, which is a dual degree program. I will graduate with two Bachelor of Sciences in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering.

More About Me

I chose my major because of the more hands on approach it has. I will be working both with the chemicals that inspired me to become a chemical engineer, and the machines that made me interested in engineering in the first place. I chose the dual degree specifically for the opportunities it allows. When I graduate I plan to become a process engineer for a paper making company or a similar company, and focus on making everything they do run better.

E115 Intro. To Computing Environments Fall 2016
PSE 201 Pulp & Paper Technology Spring 2017
CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Fall 2017
CHE 315 Chemical Process Thermodynamics Fall 2018
PSE 332 Wood & Pulping Chemistry Spring 2019