Hello Fellow Web-Goers

Hello, my name is Aaron Carter. I am a freshman at NC State with the intended major of electrical engineering. I chose this major because I like circuits, electrical systems, and some programming. I feel that I can get a good job coming out of college, since all automated companies are going to need electrical engineers to wire panels and provide maintenance on machines. I hope to co-op or intern at a company at some point during my college career in order to get some valuable real-world experience. I may even end up interning at the right company, and choose to pursue a career there.

I would have to say my favorite hobby is playing any kind of sport. I love sports in general, whether I'm watching them or playing them. My favorite sport is football. I really enjoy throwing the football with my friends or playing backyard football. I also enjoy playing basketball. You can probably catch me shooting basketball or playing a pick-up game in the gym on any given night.

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How to make my favorite sandwich:

  1. Get bread, ham, and sliced cheese
  2. Toast the bread in a toaster
  3. Put the ham and cheese on the bread once toasted
  4. Microwave the sandwich to ensure the cheese is melted
Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A-
ECE 109 B
HESR 256 S
LOG 201 B+
E 115 S
GD 303 B-