Welcome to Adam's Independent Assignment 5

Hi There! My name is Adam Casper. I am a third year Computer and Electrical Engineering major. I decided to major in Computer and Electrical Engineering in order to broaden my understanding of the way that computer components work as well as implement my knowledge for the improvement of existing technologies. I will aslo be pursuing a minor in Business Administration in order to have some background in management which can be used everyday but also in future roles later in my career.

I currently work at Best Buy in sales. My official title is Sales Consultant (Apple Master-Computing and Digital Imaging). I choose a position at Best Buy due to my passion for technology and helping people. I've had a lot of great experiences there and it is a great place to work.

A link to send an email to Adam Casper

My current class schedule

  1. E 115
  2. ECE 109
  3. ECE 200
  4. CSC 226
  5. ST 371

Clubs that I am interested in

Name Link
Drone Racing Club at NC State link
Engineers Without Borders link