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My name is Ashton Daniel and I am a freshman at NC State University. I tentatively plan to major in Industrial and Systems Engineering. I was initially attracted to the discipline of engineering because of all the possibility it holds. I enjoy solving puzzles and design, so engineering seemed to be a natural development as I pursued my interests. Specifically, Industrial and Systems Engineering intrigues me because of the management and interactive element of the career. I definitely want to work with people, and know I would be dissatisfied if I spent most of my time alone.

My favorite hobby is playing sports- even the ones I don't consider myself particularly good at. In high school, I played soccer and tennis, so I have some experience and skill in those. Once I arrived at college, I signed up for intramurals immediately and still find those activities to be great relievers of stress. However, I want to expand my horizons as well. I am considering trying out flag football and ultimate frisbee. I may even try the more unique sports, such as bubble soccer and quidditch.


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  1. Collect the necessary ingredients (dough, barbecue sauce, chicken, cheese)
  2. Hand toss the dough in that artsy manner seen in all the movies
  3. Spread out the barbecue sauce evenly on the dough
  4. Sprinkle the cheese and chicken on top of the sauce
  5. Set in the oven to bake until desired "doneness" is reached
  6. Slice and enjoy!!

Class Expected Grade
CH 101 90
MA 141 85
PHI 201 93

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