blub blub blub means hi yall

My name is Amanda Farnsworth. I am a freshman. I plan on majoring in chemical engineering. I like this type of engineering best because it allows you to do many different things in the future. Also, I want to work with dirrerent types of energies in my career. Plus, I am pretty good at chemistry so I am working with my strengths.

My favorite hobby is probably stacking sticks alone in my room. I close my door, sit alone and stack sticks. It is super boring and I hate it but I needed a hobby so I started this. Sometimes all the sticks are now the same length. That is when it can really get crazy. Some sticks are different shades of brown, some sticks are skinnier than other sticks. The possibilities are endless. This is my hobby.

canvasbacks My life on paper
  1. think of pizza and being awesome
  2. get awesome ingredients and secret ingredients
  3. mix special ingredients in an awesome way
  4. share pizza with all of your awesome friends
sticks by amanda
Class Grade
E115 S
MA241 93
CH101 87