Welcome to my website!

First, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Allison Harris and I am currently a freshman at NC State University. My prospective major coming into school was initally Biological Engineering, but soon I figured out that I wanted to do something more hands on. I am now a Environmental Technology and Management Major. This major focuses more on environmental systems and how to keep the environment healthy while still allowing humans to benefit. I enjoy working outside and spending my time outside.

I have multiple hobbies that I enjoy doing. I play intramural volleyball which is very fun. I play with a lot of my friends that live in my suite and that I have played volleyball with from highschool. My team is 1 and 1 right now. I think that when we play this week that we will win. It's very entertaining and relieves my stress that I have built up from the week.

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  1. First, buy all of the ingredients that you need to make your pizza.
  2. Smooth out the dough and put sauce and cheese on the top.
  3. Heat up the over to the temperature that you need to coook at.
  4. Put in the pizza and cook for the correct amount of time.
E115 MA111 CH101
Pass A C