Welcome to the 6th homework

Hello, my name is Asa Hollingsworth. I am a freshman at NC state University, and I am in the engineering program. I am currently undeclared for my intent in the engineering program. I plan; however, to go into civil engineering upon completing CODA. I want to go into civil engineering because I enjoy the concepts of building and creating things.

One of my favorite hobbies is longboarding. Sophomore year of highschool, I saved up my money and bought a $400 longboard, or long skateboard. They are similar to skateboards, but are longer, flatter, have rubber wheels, and tend to be much faster. I enjoy the adrenaline from speeding down hills and carving the roads. Once I almost got hit by a car and had to jump off the board. I slid on the asphalt and really tore up my palms and forearms.

Youtube Resumé
  1. Step 1: Call the pizza place, and order the pizza of your choice
  2. Step 2: Pay the pizza deliver guy
  3. Step 3: Wait for the pizza to cool if necessary
  4. Step 4: Serve and enjoy
Class Grade
E115 Pass
Physics C+
Chemistry A