Welcome to Aulden's Page!

My name is Aulden Hopper and I am a Freshman Engineering student at North Carolina State University. I am currently intending to be an Electrical and Computer Engineer and choose this because of the wide variety of job opportunity. Becoming an electrical and computer engineer would guarantee job security, as the world will constantly need them. Also, the work that they do is very interesting and would be something I would enjoy doing!

Currently I work PRN at a nursing home in my hometown of Cherryville, North Carolina. Working in a nursing home has given me the opportunity to learn about many various skills and jobs available, even in small companies. The job also allows me to connect with the past and learn about the rich history of my hometown.

A Photo of Aulden.

My Favorite Classes

  1. Insects and People
  2. Engineering 101
  3. Math 141
  4. Chemistry

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