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About Me

I intend to double major in electrical engineering and computer engineering. I am currently attending NCSU in the college of engineering. I intend to graduate after the fall semester of 2019.

Why the Major?

I chose electrical engineering on its own, because I enjoy circiuts, and I'd like to help fill the demand for electricity. I decided to double, because computer engineering is just a few more credits, and it'll help open a few more possible opportunities for me. I intend to get a job in the power industry, so I can help develop more sustainable sources of energy.

Qualities and Skills

Revelant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
ECE 109 Intro to Computer Systems 2017 Spring Term
CSC 226 Discrete Math Computer Science 2017 Spring Term
ECE 200 Intro to Signals, Circiuts, and Systems 2017 Fall Term
ECE 209 Computer Systems Programming 2017 Fall Term
ECE 212 Fundametals of Logic Design 2017 Fall Term