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My name is Austin Kring. I am a Freshman. Right now I am a biomedical engineer but am also interested in mechanical. I chose this major because I like engineering and if I can combine that to help people that would be awesome. I might want to do mechanical because I enjoy working on cars.

My favorite break is definitely summer break. This is the longest break of the year and also the most enjoyable. Its nice not to have to worry about going back to school for awhile and there isnt any work to be done over this break. The weather during this time is also the most desirable because you can do tons of stuff outside. Also everyone is going to be home at the same time over summer break.

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  1. Buy ingredients
  2. Put indgredients on dough
  3. Put in oven
  4. Eat Pizza
Class Grade
Calculus B
Chemistry B
E101 A