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Hello my name is Anthony Kyu. I am a freshman(first year) at NCSU. I plan to major in Biomedical Engineering. The reason why I want to major in this field is because of my wonderful fascination with prosthetics, which started in middle school when I first saw a prosthetic arm. My mind was blown!

I am technically working for the Biomedical Engineering NREL Lab under Dr. Huang. There are a lot of undergraduates in the lab, so there is not at much work to do as other labs on campus per student. However, I will be helping more in the lab next semester because I have talked to this graduate student who has said that she will need help and would be happy to have me. This lab works on prosthetics, so I am really excited to get to work with these technologies.

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4 Interesting Classes I Have Taken At NCSU

  1. Hon 290: Literary Critiques of 20th Century Literature
  2. General Chemistry 101
  3. Introduction to Engineering
  4. Introduction to Philosophy

Clubs That I Am Involved In

ClubLink to Website
Helping Hands Projecthttps://orgs.ncsu.edu/helping-hand/
BME Deviceshttps://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/BMEDeviceClub