Welcome to my E115 Homework 6 page!

My name is Anna Martin and I am a freshman at NC State University in First Year Engineering and I intend to major in Chemical Engineering. I did three summer engineering camps at NC State every summer in high school. The first year I did general engineering, the second Aerospace Engineering, and the last was Chemical and Biomolecular engineering. I really loved physics, chemistry, and math in high school and combined with engineering camp helped me decide that Chemical Engineering was the place for me. However, it's similar to Materials Science and Engineering so I may end up in either Chemicals or Materials so I am not exactly sure where I will be in a few years. Also I will minor in Industrial Engineering because I enjoy organizing data and how "things" flow.

My hobbies include running, rowing, and reading. Coincidence they all begin with r's? I am not quite sure. Regardless, I ran cross country and track all throughout high school and I continue to jog for fun and for exercize in my free time. Also I am on the NCSU rowing team so I would consider rowing a hobby of mine. Lastly I find it really interesting to read ScienceDaily.com. It's a online science newspaper essentially and has really short articles about fascinating new science discoveries. I visit ScienceDaily multiple times a week but, if I'm being honest, I probably spend just as much time reading as I do watching Netflix so I think I must also consider Netflix an unfortunate hobby of mine.

ScienceDaily My Resume
  1. Go to Papa Murphy's Take'N Bake Pizza
  2. Order a Large, Thin Crust Pizza
  3. Add the toppings: Pepperoni, Green Peppers, and Jalapenos
  4. Make sure they do NOT put cheese on the pizza!
  5. If they hand you a pizza with cheese, ask for another one
Class Final Grade
CH101 A
MA341 A
E115 S
ENG101 A
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