Welcome! You will now learn of a very wonderful person: Ashley Meyer

My name is Ashley Marie Meyer and I am a freshman who intends on majoring in Nuclear Engineering(NE) here at NC State University. I chose to major in NE when I knew barely anything about what it entails, or even what engineering itself truly entails. I knew the basic gist of what engineering was and I decided to choose that as a career path, but I did not know what form of engineering I wanted to do. I researched all of the engineering majors and found NE to be the most interesting to me, and so far it has not been a bad choice! I am currently in te Nuclear Reactor Training Operations Course (NE 235) and I absolutely love it - it is my favorite class this semester. Next year, however, is when my major-specific classes begin. So, we shall see how that goes, and how much I truly enjoy it.
In my free time - and when I am not exhausted - my favorite hobby is making art! I have always loved drawing since I was little and I continued it all the way through high school. My school had an art show every year, and I either got "Best in Show" or First Place each time. I even entered my art in a few competitions, and now I have a piece on display in the education building here in Raleigh, and I have a piece on display in the tunnel beneath the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. from winning the 2014 Congressional Art Competition in District 2 here in North Carolina. Since I have been here at school, however, I have not been able to dedicate my time to working on my art. I crave to create drawings and paintings, so I plan on setting aside a short time each week to be able to work on some art, if only for a brief time.

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How to Make My Favorite Sandwich

  1. Get out two slices of nice, healthy bread - wheat perhaps.
  2. Put good quality, smooth peanut butter on one slice. Make sure it is fully and evenly covered.
  3. Put my boyfriend's dad's homemade jam jelly fully and evenly on the other slice of bread.
  4. Join the two delicious slices in holy matrimony for enjoyable consumption.

Course Name Expected Grade
FLR 101 A
NE235 A
MA141 B
E115 S
E101 S
PHI340 B
AS100 A

my dog drawing