Welcome ladies and gentlemen! This is my webpage that I am creating for E115. I am still learning, so bear with me and wish me luck.

My name is Alexander, or Alex for short. My friends call me Hamsterwheel, since my last name is hard to pronounce, and no I will not share what it is here. I am currently entering my freshman year at NCSU and I am hoping to go into Aerospace Engineering, although I am still listed as Engineering Intent at the moment.

My favorite vacation would have to be to the mountains. The reasoning behind this very simple, I love nature and dislike people. The mountains have plenty of nature, and isolation for those that desire it. The beach being the polar opposite has little appeal to me.

I love animals in general, but I would have to say that I prefer dogs to cats in general. There are some very simple reasons for this. To start off, if a dog shows you its belly it means it wants a tummy rub, try the same thing with a cat though and I hope you don't like that hand to much. Dogs are loyal and friendly and trainable, while cats are intelligent, but selfish and don't really listen to everyone. So I think dogs win as far as pets go

  1. Get the bread (sandwich rounds preferable)
  2. Spread tuna salad evenly across the bread/rounds
  3. sample the salad and use salt&pepper to taste
  4. cut the sandwich into even halves
  5. Enjoy! (prentending it is a burger and quoting Pulp Fiction is optional)

  6. Class Grade
    MA 141 B
    EC 205 B
    E 115 S

    Virginia Creeper bike trail