Southeastern Agriculture

Welcome to Southeastern Agriculture

About The Company:

    Southeastern Agriculture is a company founded in hopes of connecting farmers across the southeastern region. Through our organized trade fairs, expo events, and our apps and technology, we look to make farming co-ops easier than ever before. If you are looking to hire your next farm hand, buy or sell equipment and livestock
, or get the latest updates on market changes and weather patterns in your specific area. We are a family company that looks to keep things simple and personable with farmers and producers being our number one priority. We work with other companies like ourselves across the United States to provide you with the most up to date and current information and services.

Our Mission and Goals

    Here at Southeastern Agriculture our customers and clients are our number one priority. We want to bring all aspects of agriculture to you by providing you with trade fairs and apps to help you grow your business and expand your farm. Our goal is to not only expand agriculture across the southeastern region, but also to expand the knowledge of agriculture in schools and communities in these areas. With agriculture being the number one industry in North Carolina and much of the Southeastern region, we want to open young minds to the ideas of agriculture and help spark future generations of agriculturalists.

"Connecting farmers and future farmers across the Southeastern area."