Austin Pettitt

Hello, My name is Austin Pettitt. I am currently a freshman, but I want to go into construction engineering. I am interested in construction because the way we build things and why has always intruigued me. We also need to fix our infrastructure in America. It not only causes safety hazards, but health hazards as well. I would be able to see my impact directly on the country, which is cool to me.

My favorite hobby is fishing. You can be the best angler in the world and you will still have bad days. That is what I enjoy about fishing. You never know if you will have a good day or a bad day, so the challenge is what gets me going. When you set the hook and can tell there is a big fish on the other end is one of the best feelings ever. There is no feeling like it. You also never know when the monster you have been waiting for is going to take a bite at your lure.



  1. Call in order to Gumby's.
  2. Walk to Gumby's.
  3. Tell cashier your name and order.
  4. Pay for the pizza.
  5. Walk back to dorm and eat entire pizza.
Classes Grades
E115 S
Environmental Science A
Calculus I A
Fundamentals of Economics B
bass jumping