Welcome to Homework Number 6

My name is Alex Peyton and I am a first year currentyl in Arts Studies Music. I chose this major as my second choice in my application because I do have a passion for music. My first choice was Mechanical Engineering which is why I am taking this course. To even transfer to engineering I have to take E115. I still want to possibly minor in music but mainly I want to major in some form of engineering.

My favorite hobby is actually model kit building. Specifically Gundam model kits which come from anime. It is a mecha anime that is made in japan. The model kits I end up buying and building are also made in Japan. This tends to be a time consuming but fun hobby for me.

Gundam Website Favorite Paper!!
  1. Go to Dominos.com
  2. Click Order Online
  3. Click Delivery and type in address
  4. Click build your own pizza
  5. Put Premium chicken and spinach on a medium pizza with alfredo sauce
  6. Then pay and have delivered
Course Expected Grade
PSY 200 Introduction to Psychology A
HI 251 Early American History B
MA 108 Precalculus II B
Gundam Model Kits