Adam Rozelle

Picture of Me


I transferred here to NC State as a sophomore. I am studying Materials Sceince and Engineering as my college major. I should graduate by the spring semester of 2019.

Why MSE?

I have always loved chemistry and phhysics, and I found that Materials Science melds the two disciplines together incredibly. Being able to apply my knowledge to slve real world problems is a huge motivator for me. I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in materials science so that I am able to tackle te complex problems that will humanity will encoutner in the coming decades.

Relevant Skills

Class Course Title Semester
Intro to Materials MSE 201 Fall 2016
Calculus 2 MAT 271 Spring 2014
Gerneral Chemistry 2 CH 202 Spring 2016
Physics 1 PY 205 Spring 2014
Applied Differential Equations MA 341 Fall 2015