My name is Alyssa Marie Schneider, and I am a freshman in the Engineering First Year program at North Carolina State University. I am going to CODA into Environmental Engineering over the summer because I have a strong passion for health and sustainability of the environment. After graduating, I hope to work in sustainability in some way, hopefully in coastal areas to protect both biodiversity and the health of the environment in an efficient and 'green' way!

I currently work for University Recreation as a Rentals Assistant, but I am confident to be chosen as an Resident Advisor for this upcoming year! Outside of University, I hope to get a job working with Cape Fear Engineering, a small engineering firm that works and advocates for the health of coastal environments and the innovation of energy saving options. I also, far in the future, hope to work as a Professor, possibly here at NC State!

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  1. Christianity
  2. Thermodynamics
  3. Coastal Engineering
  4. Women before the 1900s
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