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Anwar Seid's Resume


I am currently attending a Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical engineering at Noth Carolina State University.
I will be graduating in may 2019.

Professional goals

With my Mechanical Engineering degree, I am hoping to work in Automotive industry.
Automotive industry was my chiledhood dream job and have an exprience in Car maintance
and modification. I am also planing to attend a graduate class in mechatronics.
with my engineering dgree I am hoping and confident i could work
in development of a new kind of engines wich are either hybrid or electical cars.

Skills and qualities

Class. Course Tittle semester
MAE 412 Design of Thermal System Fall 2017
ECE 482 Engineering Entrepreneurship and New Product Development I Fall 2017
MAE 415 Design of Thermal System Fall 2018
FB 534 Mechatronics Design Fall 2018
MAE 442 Automotive Engineering Spring 2019