My name is Amber Hochstetler, I am a freshman at NC State studying engineering. I have not yet decided on an intent but I have a couple of ideas in mind. One of them is biomedical engineering. I would like this specific field because I would like a medical concentration in engineering and biomedical seems like the best option. My second choice would probably be textile engineering because with this field, I could still create medical equipment.

My hobbies change year to year but my longest one has probably been painting. I like to get away from the math and science heavy courses of engineering to explore my creative side. Even in high school I took math every year had a heavy science course load. I like to try and balance my left and right brain activities even though this can sometimes be difficult in my area of study. I'm not the best painter, but it is purely for my personal gain, I don't even show people what I paint most of the time.

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  1. Toast
  2. Sunny Side Up Egg
  3. Avocado
  4. Salt And Pepper
Class Grade
Calculus B
Chemistry A
English A