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My name is Andrew Kaveler, I am a freshman and my intended major is electrical engineering.

My favorite animal is the manatee. They are large bulbous creatures that live in
warm waters. Also called 'sea cows' these animals are very peaceful and gentle. Strangely
enough, due to their need for warm water, they are one of the few animals to actually benefit from global warming.

Hello Internet!

BBC World News

How to Order a Pizza
  1. Pull out a phone book or get on Google
  2. Look for pizza restraunts in the phone book or Google.
  3. Find a pizza restraunt you like
  4. Pick up the phone and call the number listed in the book or on the website
  5. When someone answers the phone, tell them what you want to order
  6. Hang up the phone

Class Expected Grade
Intro to Electrical Engineering A
Physics 205 A
Calculus III C
Intro to Computing Enviroments S
English 101 A
RA Class B
Pep Band A