My name is Alex Kobylanski. I am a freshman at NC State and currently an intended mechanical engineer. I chose this major because I wanted to do more hands on work. Mechanical engineering also offers a lot of opportunities in different fields. This is appealing because I do not know where I specifically want to work. Currently I have thought about doing work in the medical field.

My favorite hobby would be playing music. I play three instruments which include the drums, guitar and bass. I formed my own band a few years ago with one of my friends and we spend a lot of time writing and recording music. Our style of music is alternative rock but we take on influences from many different styles. Eventually we plan to have an album and start performing.

Awesome Website
  1. Take a piece of bread
  2. Put turkey on the bread
  3. Place lettuce on the turkey
  4. Put some mustard on another piece of bread
  5. Place that piece of bread on the lettuce
  6. Time to eat!
Name of Class Expected Grade
MA141 A
CH101 B
E115 S
Drum Set