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My name is Akshara Kothapally and I'm a rising sophomore . I'm majoring in microbiology and minoring in computer science. I chose to major and minor in these as I like the idea of research and I'd like to learn how to code as I think it would be a useful skill in the workplace.

I would say that my hobbies include exercising, painting, and binge watching Netflix. Some extracurricular activities I take part in are volunteering, a research program/club, running club, and EKTAA (South Asian Student Org). I plan to be a part of more extracurriculars next semester such as a honors society and a dance team.

I would describe my ideal job as being a scientific researcher. I believe I would like this job as it requires attention to detail and patience which I believe I have. I also believe I could see myself doing this job in real life.

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This contains a link to my resume .

  1. MB 351 (Intro to Microbiology)
  2. GN 311 (Principles of Genetics)
  3. CSC 116 (Intro to Java)
  4. CH 223 (Organic Chemistry 2)
Name Major
Caroline Dunn International Studies
Jenny Xiao Business Adminstration: Finance