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My name is Andrew Nguyen. My graduating class is the class of '19. I am currently thinking about entering into the Computer Engineering discipline. My interest stems from research into microarchitecture and optimization of networking. It is especially interesting to learn about how we can connect many different people in a very efficient and quick manner.

My favorite hobby is watching and playing the sport of soccer. I like to keep up with the latest matches, transfers, and all around excitement of soccer. I played intramural this past fall here at NC State and thoroughly enjoyed the competition with my peers. I especially take interest in the tactics that revolve around soccer. Formations, style of play, personnel, and down to the length of grass all affect how a game with the same rules for both teams is played differently.

This is my favorite website: Reddit! Reddit

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How to make Pizza

  1. Make the dough using flour, eggs, salt, other stuff.
  2. Dump tomato sauce on it after you make dough pizza shaped.
  3. Put cheese and pepperoni on it. Other toppings are optional.
  4. Place it somewhere hot, preferably an oven.
Class Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
EC205 A+
ECE109 B

My Favorite Hobby Favorite Hobby