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My name is Ainsley. I am a freshman majoring in chemical engineering. I was drawn to this major because of my interest in solving global health problems. I like chemistry because
it is the study of the processes that are necessary to our survival, yet we take for granted because they occur at the microscopic scale. With a degree in chemical engineering, I
can research and develop new medications and/or research and develop ways of purifying water chemically so that more people can have access to clean water globally.

There are many activities that I like to partake in, but only one that I do consistently, and that is reading. Reading is actually one of the most exciting activities a person can
do. I don't know how to fly an airplane, but I could read an action novel and share the pilot's experience. Dragons aren't real, but they can be imagined, and therefore they are the
subjects of many fantasy novels, and they are super cool. Ideas like time travel and deep-space exploration are possible in books. I also read books for purely academic purposes to.

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My Credentials

  1. Go to Order JimmyJohns
  2. Select delivery or pickup. They deliver to NC State, so go with deliver.
  3. Enter your location
  4. From their menu, select the "#4 Tom Turkey" from their 8" Subs dropdown
  5. You want french bread and you want it cut in half
  6. Order it. It costs $5.25

Class Expected Letter Grade
E115 Introduction to Computing Environments S
MA241 Calculus II B+
PY205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I B

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