This is my webpage!

My name is Anna Rehder. I am currently a freshman. I am hoping to CODA into chemical engineering. In chemical engineering, I hope to work on creating sources of renewable energy. I have always loved the environment and chemical engineering is my current path to save the world.

My favorite hobby is baking. I have loved to bake since my momma taught me as a youngin'. My momma was a chemist and she always liked explainin' the kitchen chemistry. When we would make flapjacks, she would explain how the baking powder was reacting with the other ingredients. I still like bakin' and I love makin' chocolate chip cookies.


How to make a chocolate peanut butter sandwich

  1. Toast 2 slices of wheat bread
  2. Put peanut butter on one slice of bread
  3. put melted chocolate on the other slice of bread
  4. slap the 2 slices of bread together and eat them as one

Class Grade
MA 242 A
ECD 220 A-
CH 202 B+