Welcome to My Page!

My name is Atharv Shikarkhane. I am a first year Engineering student. Computer Engineering and Computer Science are my areas of interest. I am interested in these majors because I have always liked to work with computer, and getting to work with them as a full time job would be great.

My dream job would be to design circuit boards that would go into large machinery. These circuit boards would be designed to control this large machinery. I would also like to design circuit boards that are smaller than the ones that available to us today. This will help to improve the field of nanotechnology.

Atharv Shikarkhane

My Favorite Classes

  1. ECE 109
  2. PY 205
  3. MA 141
  4. MA 241

My Favorite Clubs and Organizations

Name Web Site
Aerial Robotics Link 1
Underwater Robotics Link 2