Because in the dessert... Its hard to get out of the rain

My Name is Alston Willard. Im a freshman that is graduating in 2019 and plan to major in Biological Engineering because I hope to one day go off to Physical Therapy school and having an engineering degree going into Med School makes me stand out as a poteintal grad student. I can also stick with my amazing engineering degree if I decide not to go to med school later. I can just enter the labor force with as an engineer.

My favorite hobby as of late is doing my E115 homework. Its not a requirment or anything its fun. I love to do it. Its not a class anymore.... its life. But in all seriousiness I do enjoy going to the gym. It keeps my energy level good and keeps my mind from going crazy. The number one chess player in the world had this quote when he was interviewed "My mind focuses better when my body is in shape". That really resonates with me.

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This is my resume

This is the Order of how to Order a Pizza from the pizza Place in my town

  1. Call Little Ceasers Pizza
  2. Get into the car and start the car
  3. Drive down Shepard School Road to Shopping Center that Little Ceasers is in
  4. Collect the pizza at the Counter
  5. Enjoy that pizza right there in the car before you even get home
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 B
EC 205 A+
MA 141 C+

E115 is Life
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Do you even Lift?