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Hello! My name is Alexander Kelly, a first year mechanical engineering student at North Carolina State University. I chose to go into mechanical engineering because of the fact that I enjoy understanding how motors work and how energy is produced. I also have a large interest in microgrid technology and sustainable energy, and I believe that mechanical engineering is the best way to get into this field.

When I lived back in Michigan I worked at a restaurant called Sparkies, I worked as an Expo, Busser, Server and Food Runner. I enjoyed working at Sparkies becuase of the sense of community that was established from working their, I really enjoyed of all the the things that we did for the community. When working at all of my occupations I found that the biggest part of working with this team was being able to establish good customer service and a pleasent atmosphere to eat in.

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  1. CSC 113
  2. GC 120
  3. MA 241
  4. PY 205
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