Another world of soccer

My name is Olosu. I am currently a rising sophomore in college. I am planning on double majoring in Textile Engineering and Polymer and Color Chemistry. I chose these majors because I greatly admire the type of career they would allow me to have which is too work closely with sports, technology, and engineering. I decided on this major because I initially wanted to add my love for sports with my admiration for engineering.

My favorite animal is a lemur. They come off as fun-loving, energetic, and active which are great qualities that I also find in myself. In addition to their qualities, nobody can possibly dislike a lemur because they are such cool-looking creatures who know how to have a good time (Madagascar reference). Lemurs also boast one of the most coveted assets in all the animal kingdom…opposable thumbs! They are biologically advanced, aesthetically pleasing to look at, and have great personality traits. What is there not to like about Lemurs?

My love for this team is immense soccer news daily

  1. Determine which company you would prefer at the present moment
  2. find their number with which to call
  3. Order what you would like
  4. Have money ready for delivery
  5. If the pizza arrives late, request your your pizza free
Semester Classes Expected Grade
TE 110 A-
TE 200 A-
MA 242 A-
My favorite animal