Welcome to my site!

My name is Alexander White, however I prefer to be called just Alex. I'm in the class of 2019 and I'm currently in Exploratory Studies so I don't have a major yet. The major I'm most interested in is computer engineering since I want to learn more about them and work with them. What I like about computer engineering over computer science is that you get to learn more about that hardware and I think it's more practical too. Computers and electronic devices will only become more integral to people's lives so I think there will plenty of job opportunities too.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I enjoy being able to explore and do things that aren't possible in real life but are in a virtual world. Whether it's hunting monsters, seeing my character grow stronger over time, or just taking in a great story, all these elements make video games appealling to me. The interactive nature of video games makes them more unique and engaging than movies or books ever could be to me. It's a hobby which I don't plan to ever grow out of.

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  1. Make some dough that's not too thin.
  2. Put lots of tomato sauce on it.
  3. Then put three kinds of cheese of your choosing.
  4. Next put a plethora of pepperoni and sausage on it.
  5. Finally put it in the oven till it's charcoal black or a fire starts. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
English 101 B+
Calculus II B+
Physics B