Alex Pauken


About Me

I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State University in their Mechanical Engineering program. My expected graduation date is May 2019.

About My Major

My acceptance to NCSU was conditional on my achieving and engineering degree. I chose Mechanical engineering because it will apply to the most to my job after college. After graduation, I will return to my job as a nuclear operator for the Navy. Nuclear engineering is not recommended because civilian convention for reactor design differs greatly from naval design. Electrical Engineering is also a great choice, but I did not think I would enjoy that major. Chemical Engineering also did not interest me.

Important skills to my major

Class Course # Semester
Statics MAE 206 Fall 2016
Calculus 3 MA 242 Fall 2016
MATLAB CSC 113 Fall 2016
Diff Eq MA 341 Spring 2017
Solids MAE 208 Spring 2017