About Me

My name is Amanda Bentley. I am eighteen years old and I currently attend North Carolina State University. I play rugby for NCSU Women's WRFC and am an avid concert attendee.

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I am currently a first year engineering student with a plan to graduate with a Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering and a minor
in Polymer and Color Chemistry. I attend North Carolina State University and my anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Future Goals

I chose to major in Chemical Engineering because of the diversity within that field. I haven't fully made up my mind on what I would like to do with my degree but knowing that I have multiple options (mass manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, etc.) makes me excited to learn more so that I can decide what appeals to me the most. At this current point in time, I'm leaning more to manufacturing because I enjoy hands-on learning, and manufacturing would allow me to do just that. I would also like to play a role in the conservation aspect of chemical manufacturing so that I can learn what my impact on the environment truly is.

Skills and Qualifications

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CHE 205 Chemical Process Principles Fall 2017
CHE 225 Chemical Process Systems Spring 2018
CHE 311 Transport Processes I Fall 2018
CHE 315 Chemical Processes Thermodynamics Fall 2018
CHE 312 Transport Processes II Spring 2019
CHE 316 Thermodynamics of Chemical and Phase Equilibra Spring 2019
CHE 446 Design & Analyze Chemical Reactors Fall 2019
CHE 435 Process Systems Analysis and Control Spring 2020