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My name is Andrew Daigle and I am a Freshman here at NC State. I am currently in the first year engineering college, hoping to get into the industrial engineering college. I'm choosing this major because NC State's industrial engineering program is world renowned, ranking 11th in the country in this field. Outside of how good the department is, I like to learn how things work and operate. In this field I would help maintain a manufacturing plant, or something of the sort, and I feel I would enjoy that career.

My favorite hobby is snowboarding. I started 2 seasons ago, and really enjoyed it and have returned several times a year since. When I go to snowboard, I normally go to Cataloochie ski resort. My friend's oldest brother is the lift manager there, so we get free lift tickets. I have gotten to where I can go down double blacks without falling.

ESPN resume


Class Expected Grade
MA 241 B+
PY 205 C
HI 251 A-