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My name is Adam Hawkins. My major is Mechanical Engineering Systems. I chose this major for a couple of different reasons. One of the reasons is that I think it will be interesting to work on base around all of the different types of aircraft. Another reason is that I can complete this program through the distance education program that North Carolina State University offers. This will allow me to continue to work full time while working towards my degree.
Until I started school my biggest hobby was fishing. If I wasn't fishing, I was planning my next trip or reading articles on different techniques to use on my next trip. Unfortunately, school takes a considerable amount of time, preventing me from going on very many fishing trips. However, once I graduate it will once again be time to enjoy being on the water. I am looking foward to the day when I can relax a little bit while trying to catch a few fish.

Fish SKA


Ordering Pizza

Course Name Expected Grade
E115 S
MAE 206 C
MSE 201 A