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Currently, my intended majors are Microbiology and Plant Biology. I got to North Carolina State University, and I plan to graduate in May of 2020.


When I applied to NC State, I initally had Plant Biology intent. I switched to Biological Engineering before school started, and as I gained a better understanding of what the major entailed, I switched to Chemical Engineering. I began to realize that my preferences better alligned with what I had initially planned as well as the Biotechnology concentration of Microbiology, so those two majors are my current plan. I hope to do research with my degree.


Class Course Semester
Organic Chemistry I CH 223 Spring '17
Plant Biology PB 250 Fall '17
Manipulating Recombinant DNA BIT 410 Fall '17
Animal Cell Culure BIT 466 Spring '18
Medical Microbiology MB 411 Fall '18