Hello and Welcome

My name is Adaire Hudson and I am a freshman at NC State University.
I am interested in Mechanical Engineering and I am fairly certain that is the major
I would like to pursue. I know Mechanical Engineering is a very competitive department
so I am trying very hard to do well in all of my classes. I think I will CODA after my
next fall semester. I am really hoping to be accepted in Mechanical Engineering but if
not, my second choice is Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

My favorite hobby is going to concerts. I went to my first concert when I was
thirteen and I saw Taking Back Sunday. It was a really good show and ever since I have
gone to as many shows as I can. I love Alternative music and seeing my favorite bands
live is so muh fun. I have only been to one concert since I've been in college but I am
planning on going to more in the next few months.

It's Time For a Fresh Start Rainy Day Mood

Hummus and Pita Sandwich

  1. Put a pita pocket in the toaster
  2. Take it out once it is lightly toasted
  3. Spread hummus on the inside
  4. After the hummus, put in lettuce, salt and pepper
  5. Then enjoy!
  6. Class Expected Grade
    ENG 101 B
    E 101 A
    MA 141 A
    New Politics