Welcome to Homework 5a

Name: Andrew Huggins
Year: Freshman
Major: Computer Engineering
For my major I have chosen computer engineering. I have started down the CPE path because
of my interest and experience in computer hardware. I have been working in the IT
department of a small business in the Raleigh area for almost two years now. Every day
is a new lesson in hardware failure or user error. I hope that with the right education
I can be part of the advancement in technology that makes computers drastically more
efficient and easier to use.

My favorite hobby is unrelated to my major. My hobby is racing. When I turned 16 I bought a
1991 Mazda Miata and modified it for track use. Modifications include a roll cage,
adjustable suspension, a limited slip differential, and aggressive compound brake pads.
Over the last two years I have become a reasonably skilled racecar driver. I do
fairly well at Virginia International Raceway even though my car only has about
100 horsepower. I have no difficulty keeping up with my brother in his BMW E30.

Tales From Tech Support

Making a deli chicken sandwich

  1. Apply deli chicken to one slice of bread.
  2. Apply desired sauces directly to deli chicken
  3. Sprinkle shreadded cheddar cheese on sauces
  4. Top sandwich with second slice of bread

CH101 B
MA111 A
E115 S