Welcome One and All!

Hello hello. My name's Annie and I'm currently a freshman. I'm an intended chemical engineering major because I want to work with agriculture. Weird combo, right? I really want to work with rice crops and find a way to make them resistant to hazardous weather conditions such as the monsoons which plague many countries it's grown in as well as the dry seasons in these countries.

Although I'm in engineering, my true love isn't math or science. I'm a book lover through and through. To be honest it's actually getting in the way of my life because I tend to stay up until four in the morning reading. It's a problem. I'm not complaining though because I think time spent reading is put to better use than time spent sleeping.

Websites You Should Peruse

Cracked Logo anddddddddd..... THE ALMIGHTY.... NETLFLIX!

Recipe for Life

  1. Get two pieces of your favorite bread (Preferably honey wheat but hey! It's your life bud).
  2. Slather some cream cheese on one slice.
  3. Drop some of your favorite jelly on the other slice (Red Pepper Jelly is A+)
  4. Slap em together. The cream cheese should be facing the jelly. Like, they should be touching.
  5. Cut off the crusts. Life with crust is like life in a box. Think out of the box, my friend.
  6. Eat it. Eat it all and think about how beautiful life truly is.

  7. Course Grade
    E 115 S
    BIO 185 B
    REL 323 A

    Books on Books on Books