Welcome to my about me page!

Hello, my name is Anna Owens and I am in the NC State class of 2021. I am currently a first year engineering student, and I plan on majoring in Computer Science. Computer Science is of interest to me because nearly everything today runs on technology and programming. In the future, I would like to go into business administration, but I think that Computer Science is a good specialization to have.

My dream job would be running the international branch of a technology company. In addition to Computer Science, I am hoping to major in Spanish, so I would love to one day life in Spain or South America. Preferably, my dream job would allow me to travel often and meet many new people.

A picture of Anna

My Most Interesting Classes:

  1. Culinary Botany
  2. Spanish for Business
  3. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  4. Human-Computer Interactions

Clubs and Organizations

Club Name Website Link
Club Basketball W Club Basketball
Engineers without Borders Engineers without Borders