Hello Grandma!

My name is Alysia Promislow and I am a freshman currently in the First Year Engineering program. I don't know what major I will be in next year at all, I may not even stay in engineering. I like Chemistry and Mathematics but programming is also fun too. I'm taking Organic Chemistry next semester so hopefully that will help me decide. One day I hope to know what I want to do with my life.

My favorite hobby is sleeping. I love sleeping so much and I can never seem to get enough of it. My other hobby is not saving a file I spent an hour working on and then watching my computer crash and lose it. That hobby is not as fun- I definitely like sleeping more. I also like rock climbing, but sleeping basically takes precedence. Sometimes I spend too much time sleeping and not enough on other things, like homework.

It's a mystery! Love this website
  1. Toast some croissants
  2. Butter butte butter that bread
  3. Get some swiss cheese up in there
  4. Get some sliced turkey and slap it on
  5. Add lettuce, tomato, raw mushrooms, and bacon
  6. Enjoy... omnomnomnom
  7. Repeat
Course Hopeful Grade
MAE 206 A-
MA 341 A
PSY 400 A
what I want to be doing right now