Andrew Shafer


Currently, am a freshman at North Carolina State University, with an intended major of Biochemistry in the Life Sciences First Year Program (LSFY). In May, however, I will apply for the Biomedical Engineering program, with hopes to begin this Fall. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Volunteer Experience

I have volunteered across numerous areas in the past, from which I have attained employable skills. It has always been a rewarding experience, and I plant to continue volunteering this summer (2017).

Career Goals

Through the expansion of research and use of technology in the medical field, death rates have continued at a steady decline in the United States over the last 50 years. With my education at NC State, I would like to go into the research field of biomechanics, wherein the therapeutic study of joints and limbs is combined with technology in order to treat bone disorders and fractures quicker and more accurately. I believe that the future of the medical field is headed in this direction, and I would like to be on the forefront of this progress.

Skills and Qualities

Honors and Awards