Welcome to Amanda's Webpage

My name is Amanda TerBeek and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. Currently, I am a First Year College (FYC) student and most likely will still be in FYC until December or January of my sophomore year. The majors I am most interested in are Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Construction Management. I am still not entirely sure which division of engineering I want to major in, but it probably will be something that includes structural design. From improving homes on mission trips to designing robots, I've found a lot of enjoyment in reinforcing structures.

Sea turtles are my favorite animals, probably because I've lived on the beach my entire life. I learned a lot of information about them from volunteering at Topsail Island's Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center (TI Sea Turtle Rescue); I can even distinguish one species from another. Leatherbacks are my favorite turtle because they grow the largest of any other and have the best adaptation instincts. One of the fun things about TI Sea Turtle Rescue was monitoring sea turtle nests overnight, since they normally hatch on full moons. Something I learned from senior volunteers is that the temperature of the nests actually determines the sex of the sea turtles. Sea turtles are pretty difficult to understand like most marine animals, but they have some awesome biological characteristics.

Favorite animal: Leatherback Sea Turtle
My favorite website, Pinterest Reddit, my second favorite website.

    How To Order A Pizza

  1. Research local listings for restaurants that deliver pizza
  2. Call number provided by favorite pizza restaurant
  3. Tell recipient you intend to set up an order for delivery
  4. Give details about delivery address
  5. Describe your dream pizza, and ask them to get as close to it as possible (make sure you say "please")
  6. Say "thank you" and be sure to ask for the price before delivery
  7. Stare at your driveway in anticipation for about 30 minutes
Class Grade
ANT 252 A
MA 241 B-
EC 205 B
CH 101 A
USC 102 A+
IPGE 295-002 A
E 115 P