Welcome to a quick introduction to my life

Hi, my name is Austin Puckett. I am currently a freshman majoring in Physics, going for a Physics BS. Coming into college, my major was Engineering First Year because it seemed like the best choice for me. I soon realized that I am not much like engineers in the way we think or the things we like. I've always known myself to be more curious than the average bunch and physics is a place that has stuck close to me over the years. This decision was lying in the back of my head since I chose the major to put on my college applications. The point came where I figured out what was right for me and I will never regret changing.

My favorite hobby by far is playing videogames. It all began when my cousin gave me his old Super Nintendo console when I was eight. I haven't stopped enjoying them since and they have grown to become a natural part of my life. Along the way, I have owned the Super Nintendo, a Nintendo Gamecube, and a Sony Playstation 2. Currently, I own an XBOX 360 and play my Nintendo Wii regularly. Although I have been a console gamer for much of my life, I transitioned to PC games 2 years ago and haven't looked back since.

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The turkey melt
  1. Take out bagels, American cheese, and turkey.
  2. Add turkey and cheese to bagel
  3. Toast in toaster oven for three to five minutes (depending on the oven's power).
  4. Remove after toasting, make sure it isn't too hot, and enjoy!

Course Expected Grade
PY 201 B
MA 242 A
CH 101 A-
CH 102 A+
E115 S