Welcome! Hello, my name is Alice Widman. I am 18 years old, from Asheville, North Carolina.


Who Am I?

I am a student in the honors program at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the First-Year Engineering Program and I plan on majoring in either Biomedical Engineering or in Chemical Engineering with a biotechnical concentration. I plan on graduating in May 2020 and pursuing a career in my field.

Why I Want to be a Biomedical Engineer

I want to major in biomedical engineering because I have always been interested in medicine and the medical field. My mother is a doctor so I was exposed to the medical field a lot as a child and it sparked my interest. With a degree in biomedical engineering I plan on working for a company to create better ways to solve any of the various problems in the health field or to create new materials or applications of materials that are used in patients bodies.

Class Course Title Semester
E 115 Introduction to Computing Environments Fall 2016
E101 Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving Fall 2016
CH 101 Chemistry - A Molecular Science Fall 2016
CH 221 Organic Chemistry I Spring 2017
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists I Spring 2017