Welcome to Andrew Cunningham's site!

Andrew's Email is arcunni3@ncsu.edu

My name in Andrew Cunningham and I am currently pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. I attend NC State University as a freshman and expect to graduate Spring of 2020.

I chose my major because I am pursuing my doctorate degree and I strongly believe that medicine and technology are going to be strongly interconnected in the future. Biomedical Engineering allows me to become more technical and enhanse my understanding of medical technology, making me more competetive in the future. I also have a strong interest in Engineering as a natural problem solver and a curiosity for how things work and function. I plan to use my degree in the field to better understand the equipment and its functionality along with participate in research in my undergraduate and when possible to help develop the field and improve care for patients.

Skills related to BME and Medicine

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus II for Engineers MA 241 Fall 2016
Calculus III for Engineers MA 242 Spring 2017
Climate Change and Sustainability ES 200 Fall 2016
College Student and Leadership Development ECD 220 Spring 2017
Computing Environments E 115 Spring 2017
General Chemistry CH 101 Fall 2016
Honors Physics for Engineers HPY 205 Spring 2017
Organic Chemistry I CH 221 Spring 2017
Engineering Intro E 101 Fall 2016