Get to know Alyssa Dela Paz

My name is Alyssa and I am a freshman in First Year College. The major I am considering is civil engineering with a minor in Design. Entering NC State University I had a general idea of majoring in engineering, but it was only until recently that I wanted to major in civil engineering. I believe my father had an influence in my decision since he is an architect and his drawings of structures interested me.

In my spare time, I enjoy drawing or sketching. I own a sketchbook which I like to doodle in, and when the weather is nice I sometimes go outside and draw what I see around me, from buildings to trees to birds up ahead. I particularly like to draw using graphite pencils because I find it easiest for me to create more realistic illustrations. I've had a couple art pieces from high school exhibited in Northgate Mall, NCCU art exhibition, Durham Arts Council, and other places.


My Resume

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  5. Course Name Expected Grade
    GC120 A
    E115 S
    MA341 B
    EC205 B
    PY205 A
    PY206 A
    USC102 B